ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 14:58:45 2001

>Since you've got LocalTalk running to the box, then I'd also run MacGate
>which would let you run MacIP (IP over LocalTalk).

Good page for MacGate looks like

>As for other fun topologies, you already mentioned TokenRing. My personal
>choice would be to also add HomePNA (Ethernet over phonelines). The 1MB
>HomePNA 1.0 cards (the only ones supported by Linux)are very cheap these
>days. I picked up a pair from Computer Geeks ( for
>something like $12. Now if I could just find a cheap Ethernet/HomePNA bridge
>for the Nubus Mac in the spare bedroom...

I was lucky and picked up a couple cards from MicroCenter including the
network/modem gateway card.
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