IDing WYSE terminal

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 21:15:43 2001

Chris skrev:

>>Post a digital pic on your webpage so we can look 'n' see?

>Ok... pics are up (sorry, no risque terminal pics).

>Go to <>

>If people can ID these, are there any recommendations as to where to get
>these terminals CHEAP (I saw some Wyse 60's on ebay for about $40, but I
>can't find any Qume QVT-108s). If terminals aren't available, does anyone
>have a recommendation of emulation software I can run.

It looks identical superficially to my WY60. Though yours is much whiter on
the picture. Mine is grey, much the same kind of grey as Atari STs.

It seems that WYSEs are notorious for being frail. There is WYSE emulation
software available, but at a cost.

Speaking of WY60s, mine refuses to use eight-bit characters. It's stuck in
ISO-646-SE mode, which is a bit of a bother. The "propeller" when NetBSD is
loading goes: ?/-??/-??/-??/-, or something like that. And so on. Is it
intrinsically stuck in its 80s mode or what?

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