IDing WYSE terminal

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Date: Wed Oct 10 21:00:05 2001

>> The Wyse terminal is from an Isoetec EZ-1/66 phone system. The Qume is
>> from an Isoetec EZ-1/96 system.
>> If people can ID these, are there any recommendations as to where to get
>> these terminals CHEAP (I saw some Wyse 60's on ebay for about $40, but I
>> can't find any Qume QVT-108s). If terminals aren't available, does anyone
>> have a recommendation of emulation software I can run.

        I believe the daughter cards are RS422 adapter cards. We have an
Executone phone system at work and it uses what appear to be standard Wyse
terminals (just like the pic), however they are modified for 422 in order
to handle the distances from the terminal to the switch.

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