2.88 MB floppy drive, scsi?

From: Glen Goodwin <acme_ent_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Wed Oct 10 23:07:33 2001

> >What's the fuss about adding SCSI . . . In my world I consider that a
> >necessity
> Then you haven't added it to PCs. =)
> PS/2s which are built with SCSI in mind seem to behave well, but adding
it to
> IDE motherboards seldom works out for me.

Hmm -- my personal experience is that, unless the machine is already
junked-up with a random assortment of TV and radio tuner cards, video
accelerators, SoundBlasters and DVD decoders, SCSI is easily added to a
motherboard with onboard IDE ports. I've personally built a few dozen of
them, using both IDE and PCI SCSI controllers.

What sorts of problems are you encountering?

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