2.88 MB floppy drive, scsi?

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Thu Oct 11 10:11:49 2001

Glen Goodwin skrev:

>Hmm -- my personal experience is that, unless the machine is already
>junked-up with a random assortment of TV and radio tuner cards, video
>accelerators, SoundBlasters and DVD decoders, SCSI is easily added to a
>motherboard with onboard IDE ports. I've personally built a few dozen of
>them, using both IDE and PCI SCSI controllers.

>What sorts of problems are you encountering?

You're welcome to try to sort out our pile of SCSI cards which so far haven't
worked in our OpenBSD machine. We don't use PCI cards, though (we sold that
one, since we wouldn't use the SCSI for anything else than tapestreamers and
so forth). Besides, SCSI integration into PC systems is really clumsy. Some
cards aren't bootable, and they don't behave like the IDE hard drives. They
have their own little BIOSes and things which I'm not used to from other
systems. In fact, non-PC systems tend to see IDE as a kind of bastard SCSI

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