Sigma Designs OneReel Tape

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 09:54:11 2001

> It actually got all its data over SCSI. I suppose its main application was
> very oldest compact Macs which didn't even have any PDS slot.

The very oldest Macs didn't have SCSI ports... However, a company
called Dove had a board that plugged into the ROM slots, and into
which you then placed the ROMs, that provided a SCSI interface for
the Mac 512k/512ke. They also had a memory board that had the way
of interfacing to the main board... it had funny-looking sockets
that "clamped" down on top of the existing DRAMs and which provided
enough to bring a 128k Mac up to 512k or a 512k Mac up to 1MB. I
still have both boards...

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