RetroX computer shop in London...

From: charles hobbs <>
Date: Sat Oct 13 13:13:59 2001

Anyone ever go there? I did last week, on a visit...lots of real old
8-bit software (Atari, Commodore, Dragon, etc) and some hardware,
although they seem to be a bit expensive as far as hardware is concerned
(50 UKP--about US$75 for a BBC micro disk drive, for example)

Interesting store, though...there is a rickety spiral staircase to the
basement, and it feels as if more than one person at a time shouldn't be on it.

I bought a moldy copy of Synther-7 for the Dragon there for about 1 UKP...
don't know if it'll even work (they wouldn't guarantee it...and even if they
why bother?)
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