New aquisitions: PCjr (minus power supply) and Amstrad PC 6400

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 15:56:50 2001

>To make this perfectly clear, I need the external 110VAC to 16.7VAC
>part, not the internal AC->DC part.

well, it has been a while since I looked at one, but if I understand you,
you want the big black external brick that goes between house current and
a small round power plug on the PCjr... right? That is what I think I
have one or two of still kicking around.

The one I was picturing in my mind (and why I was thinking of an odd
right angle plug), was a power brick to an old HP Deskwriter... I
realized that about an hour ago, when I kicked the HP brick that was
sitting on my floor.

Now, the problem is, I might have been thinking of the HP brick when I
was thinking I might have a PCjr power brick... but I will still look,
just to make sure. (If I have a PCjr one, I know where it would be, it is
just a matter of getting to it)


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