SCSI problems

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 15:56:25 2001

> Not to mention that you can't get a refund, you pay $5 or $6 to get in
> whether you buy or not, and you may never see the same vendore ever again.
> Most "new" stuff are factory seconds/refurbs and they don't tell you that
> the warranty doesn't apply (saw one guy pulling the "refurb" stickers off
> boxes at one iI went to in Louisville last year) Not all of the vendors are
> crooks but there sure is a high percentage.

Well, I bought a membership and expensed it out to $CURRENT_EMPLOYER, and
they pay for the parking too... but generally you'd be right.

There is one motherboard seller selling refurbs, clearly marked, and
ditto as maybe or maybe not functional. But a few things do carry a
warranty, and I see the same faces and company names almost every time
(especially the non-hardware guys like Hacker Hut). At least 50% of the
vendors are local and have storefront operations.

Russ, are you in Fort Knox? I see you mention the area from time to time,
we should get together sometime for a pizza at Impellizeri's...

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