Hard Card (was Re: IIgs using hard disk 20)

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Wed Oct 17 09:04:00 2001

> Could it have Been a Plus Systems HardCard? I know that they did a PC
> hardcard, I don't know about an apple II version... they were acquired? by
> quantum many years ago

I just dug out my 2 "hard drive on a card" units (not to be confused with
a "hot dog on a stick").

One is a Plus Hardcard (says so right on it), I have NO idea what kind of
a drive is connected to it (4 small ribbon cables marked R/W, Encoder,
Motor, Rotor... don't know what kind of drive connects that way), nor do
I know anything about the size (40mb?, see below) or setup of the drive.
But the specs may be available on Quantum's (well, now Maxtor's) web
site... I do know I have seen Hardcard info there before.

The other one doesn't have a name per se on in. The physical drive is
marked Kalok, Octagon Disk Drive by the Kalok Corporation. Model# KL330.
However, I think that might just be the OEM drive the unit manufacturer
used. It looks like maybe an MFM drive (2 card edge connectors that look
like 5.25 drive connectors). On the back of the unit is a sticker marked
Part#: (blank), Model#: CARD30R, Serial# 9790, Date: 1/90. If the date is
right, then this thing is WAY newer than I thought it was. At one point I
must have had some specs on it, as I have penned onto the drive the setup
of it (616c, 4h, 26s, 32mb).

I flipped thru my binders of tech notes, and I didn't find anything on
the Kalok drive, but I found a page of notes on the Plus hardcard...
tells me how to change the IO and IRQ settings, as well as how to
repartition it as one drive. Seems it comes as 2-20mb drives, but needs a
device driver to work, repartitioning it as one 40mb allows it to work
under DOS 6.22 without drivers. I don't think I have the drivers, and I
don't think this is originally my page (it is dot matrix printed and that
doesn't jive with the rest of my notes), so my guess is, I found it in a
closet somewhere and clipped in into my binder.

Well... hopefully some of you cared about all that... if so, there is a
picture of the two drives at <http://www.mythtech.net/hardcard.jpg>. If
not... sorry to waste the bandwidth.


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