Hard Card (was Re: IIgs using hard disk 20)

From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Wed Oct 17 13:07:54 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Chris wrote:

> > Could it have Been a Plus Systems HardCard? I know that they did a PC
> > hardcard, I don't know about an apple II version... they were acquired? by
> > quantum many years ago
> I just dug out my 2 "hard drive on a card" units (not to be confused with
> a "hot dog on a stick").
> One is a Plus Hardcard (says so right on it), I have NO idea what kind of
> a drive is connected to it (4 small ribbon cables marked R/W, Encoder,
> Motor, Rotor... don't know what kind of drive connects that way), nor do
> I know anything about the size (40mb?, see below) or setup of the drive.
> But the specs may be available on Quantum's (well, now Maxtor's) web
> site... I do know I have seen Hardcard info there before.
> The other one doesn't have a name per se on in. The physical drive is
> marked Kalok, Octagon Disk Drive by the Kalok Corporation. Model# KL330.

                Kalok KL330
                Fmt Cap 33
                Hds 4
                Cyl 615
                SPT 26
                RWC/WPC 617/617
                Spd 40
                Intf ST412/506
                Encd 2,7 RLL
                FF 3.5HH
                MTBF 43.5
                RPM 3600

                                                 - don

> However, I think that might just be the OEM drive the unit manufacturer
> used. It looks like maybe an MFM drive (2 card edge connectors that look
> like 5.25 drive connectors). On the back of the unit is a sticker marked
> Part#: (blank), Model#: CARD30R, Serial# 9790, Date: 1/90. If the date is
> right, then this thing is WAY newer than I thought it was. At one point I
> must have had some specs on it, as I have penned onto the drive the setup
> of it (616c, 4h, 26s, 32mb).
> I flipped thru my binders of tech notes, and I didn't find anything on
> the Kalok drive, but I found a page of notes on the Plus hardcard...
> tells me how to change the IO and IRQ settings, as well as how to
> repartition it as one drive. Seems it comes as 2-20mb drives, but needs a
> device driver to work, repartitioning it as one 40mb allows it to work
> under DOS 6.22 without drivers. I don't think I have the drivers, and I
> don't think this is originally my page (it is dot matrix printed and that
> doesn't jive with the rest of my notes), so my guess is, I found it in a
> closet somewhere and clipped in into my binder.
> Well... hopefully some of you cared about all that... if so, there is a
> picture of the two drives at <http://www.mythtech.net/hardcard.jpg>. If
> not... sorry to waste the bandwidth.
> -chris
> <http://www.mythtech.net>
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