AIM65 items in Toronto

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 17:16:18 2001

Sorry Paul, got a little overwhelmed by replies to my various posts and did indeed miss you somehow.

Yup, except for some manuals (but there are lots more), everything's still here; just haven't found it all or sorted through it yet after my recent move. No 68000 stuff though, just AIM and S100 stuff (except for the oddball items and of course CBM and PC stuff, but I don't dare mention that here - but just in case anyone wants an original cassette PC MB or some of the interesting add-on cards from that era.... :-)

Will be in touch. (And the same to everyone else waiting to hear from me)

Are there really NO collectors here in the Toronto area (other than the three I've heard from)?


Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 20:58:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Paul R. Santa-Maria" <>
Subject: AIM65 items in Toronto

M H Stein:

I asked about possible 6502 and 68000 items you mentioned on this list,
but I never heard a reply from you. Is the AIM65 stuff still available?

Paul R. Santa-Maria
Monroe, Michigan USA
Received on Wed Oct 17 2001 - 17:16:18 BST

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