IBM Punched Card equipment docs

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 21:18:34 2001

> IBM PC system meant something different back then :)
> Here's the list, for Norm, Erik, Dave and anyone else who inquired or may be
> interested; a little musty but generally in good shape.
> 77 Collator 2, 1 no cover

> 101 Electronic Statistical Machine 2, 1 no cover

> What I'd like to do to save time & trouble is ship it all to Norm since he
> generously offered to scan it, and then you can sort out who needs and gets
> what.
> mike/ccs

 After Norm scans them I'd like to put my dibs on one each of these 2
manuals if these are the IBM ones. I regularly used a collator and spent
about a month on the Stat machine in the mid 50s doing the yearly report
for Ontario Workmens Compensation Board.


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