ASR 33 Emulation - help!

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 06:40:37 2001

> It was thus said that the Great Douglas Quebbeman once stated:
 Dang! How can I live this down?

> > I was never a big Kermit fan. It came at the very end of the days
> > when it would have been of most use to me (76-81). As a nearly
> > charter member of Ward & Randy's BBS, I adopted Ward Christiansen's
> > XMODEM protocol, and used MODEM/MODEM86 during those years.
> Kermit was a life saver when I was at college; it could always get stuff
> through when X/Y/ZModem wouldn't work at all.

Admittedly, the fits I had with it weren't due to the protocol, and
you're right, it did seem more robust... there were apparantly some
variations in how the X/Y/Zmodem protocols got implemented...

> > PROCOMM most closely resembled Andrew's program, so that became my
> > standard terminal emulator under DOS, and later Windows.
> I preferred Qmodem but later switched to Procomm because of the better
> terminal emulation.

QModem may have been it, I was using a version under OS/2 1.0...

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