ASR 33 Emulation - help!

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 06:47:30 2001

At 09:08 AM 10/18/01 -0600, emanuel stiebler wrote:
>Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
>> Hmmm, you may need to use
>> something like PROCOMM PLUS or ProcommPlus/Win
>Nobody on this list likes KERMIT anymore ?
>Just wondering.

I do. I have it in my vms, unix and winblows boxes. Though
I have to admit that procomm has been one of the easiest,
most reliable solutions around. Just like NCSA telnet in
its time (for telnetting). But I agree, kermit is unsurpassed
in number/variety of ports and functionality, though it is harder to use.
It is one of those programs that if you don't use very often, you
forget the commands. Not so with procomm.


Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez
Received on Fri Oct 19 2001 - 06:47:30 BST

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