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From: Dan Kolb <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 13:29:31 2001

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On Friday 19 Oct 2001 15:40 pm, Iggy Drougge wrote:
> I'm doing a Tony here, but...
> Is replacing the connector/cable on a modern monitor so difficult that it
> can't be accomplished without sending it away?

It depends :-)

Some monitors (Iiyama springs to mind) just have a connector at the back of
the monitor, so you need to use a cable with a male 15-pin D-sub connector
(is that right? apologies if it isn't) on both ends. If the cable breaks, you
throw it out and replace it with another one.

I have a Sony monitor whose cable broke (not by pushing it into a serial port
;-). The only way of replacing this cable would have been to open up the back
of the monitor, probably unsolder the cable, and resolder a new one. I'll
probably do that when I get back from University. My flat-panel monitor is
the same - the cable is connected inside the display - it can't just be
pulled out and replaced if it breaks. If I remember correctly, most monitors
I've got are like this.

It can be accomplished without sending it away, but for most cases, it's far
safer/easier to send it back for repair (and it doesn't void the warranty for
anyone who cares about such things).


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