Are office people really that, umm shall we say...slow?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 09:40:48 2001

Russ Blakeman skrev:

>You can do it, the 9 thicker serial port pins nicely bend the piss out of
>the 15 vga pins. Had to charge a user for the repairs on a 3 wk old 19"
>monitor for the cost of sending it back to KDS for a new cable, one pin was
>bent so bad it broke off. Not the usual thing though - I see a lot of RJ11
>telephone plugs stuck into the RJ45 network card jacks. Boy that does a
>number on the NIC and the phone system.

I'm doing a Tony here, but...
Is replacing the connector/cable on a modern monitor so difficult that it
can't be accomplished without sending it away?

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