DEC Lab 11/40

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 19:05:13 2001

On Oct 21, 20:52, Tony Duell wrote:

> > On Thursday I took possession of a DEC Lab 11/40 system.
> Nice!. I've seen one once. AFAIK, it is (almost?) all standard DEC parts
> -- an 11/40 CPU, VT11 graphics display, LPS11 lab I/O, RK05 + RK11-D
> drives, etc.

Yes, I can't see anything in it that's not original DEC -- except a couple
of RK05 packs that turned up later, which are Scotch-branded rather than

> Well, DL11 cards are simple enough to repair. If it is the RS232 chips,
> they're just 1488s and 1489s, so no real problem to get replacements.

Agreed -- I have umpteen sets of them. And I've previously upgraded -YAs
to RS232, so no problem there either.

The machine usedf to be used with an LA120, but I had to leave that behind
as I simply have no room :-(

> Yes, VT11 board set. [...] I have prints if you are missing them.

I've found the manuals but not the print sets.

> It's the same ribbon cable (BC11) as is used for Unibus, but it certainly
> doesn't carry unibus singals here. It's a raw data interface to the

Yeah, I knew that, though I wan't clear in what I wrote. I just meant it's
the same type of cable -- so if it *is* damaged, it can be replaced
relatively easily.

> > and check the PSUs before I do anything else. I'm no Unibus or RK05
> > expert; most of my -11s are Q-bus. What else should I look for before
I go
> > too far?
> Read the printsets. Read them again. Then, as ever, check the power
> [...]

Thanks! That's exactly the detailed practical advice I was hoping for :-)

A quick look at the RK05s shows the foam ring on the blower is
disintegrating. I imagine this needs replaced with some similar
high-density foam before I put any packs in there. Any other places I need
to look?

I seem to have all the relevant maintenance manuals and engineering
drawings print sets, plus several extra photocopies and some updates.

I also have several copies of The Software Despatch for RT-11, and the
original Site Maintenance Manual for the machine, with the original
shipping notes, Field Service logs, etc.

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