what RAM for this printer memory board?

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Oct 21 18:48:56 2001

I've got a similarly set-up board, and it uses the typical 1MB DRAM DIP's
configured as 256Kx4 bits. If you plug up the reamining sockets with 80ns
25Kx4's, you'll have a 4 MB expansion board. It won't help much unless you've
got lots of people using the printer over a LAN, however, since it transfers
data at a relatively low rate and it has a fixed maximum print rate. I've got
an HP LJIId with 2 MB in an expansion memory, an LJIIId with 4MB of expansion
memory, and an OKILASER 1200 with 10 MB of add on. These operate at 8ppm, 8ppm,
and 12 ppm, regardless of whether they have the minimum of memory or the

IMHO, your 2 MB is plenty.


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Subject: what RAM for this printer memory board?

> I just got a memory board for my HP IIIp. The board only has 2MB on it,
> but there are 2 rows of empty 20-pin sockets that lead me to believe
> I can add another 2MB for a total of 4MB.
> I'd like to do that in the most cost-efficient way possible.
> The board is marked "(C) 1991 Pacific Data Products" and "P/N 012186".
> The soldered-in RAM is mostly marked "HY534256S-70", although three chips
> are "HY534256S-80"(?)
> Thanks in advance.
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