That awful Spectrum keyboard

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 22:57:50 2001

Iggy wrote:

> So now I've got a working Speccy, with a luxurious on/off switch and all.
> The keyboard is... interesting.
> So far I've worked out how to generate all characters on the keytops
> keywords and symbols) using CAPS SHIFT or SYMBOL SHIFT. I've also
> how to print the keywords listed above each key, by pressing both SHIFT
> in order to enter the "E" input mode. But I'm lost as to how to print the
> keywords and characters listed below the keys. No combinations of SHIFT
> seem to work out.

Hold down the Caps Shift key.
Tap the Symbl Shift key.
Release the Caps Shift key. (Now you're in "E" mode)

Hold down the Symbl Shift key.
Press the key with the character or keyword you want to obtain.

It's a lot easier than it sounds ;>)

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