Self-combusting Speccy

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 23:12:38 2001

Cameron Kaiser skrev:

>> So I find this nice little program called "Toot", which "toots" Spectrum
>> snapshots into the earphone socket of said machine.
>> What happens when I plug the machine in? A hideous smell, that's what. Now
>> I'm back at square one. No working Speccy. All I get is a black screen.
>> When fine- tuning the receiver, the border is sometimes visible. Is there
>> something irreplacable, like the ULA, which has broken, or is it the CPU
>> (I've got plenty of those) or just some discrete component?

>I don't know which Spectrum this is, but when one of my TS1000's (ZX-81)
>blew its ULA the symptoms were near-identical.

How silly of me. Well, it's the original Speccy, 48k version.
If this is really the case, I think I'm running out of ULAs...

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