Tektronix 4041 GPIB controller

From: Mike McCauley <mikem_at_open.com.au>
Date: Mon Oct 22 02:47:28 2001

There were a number of posts on this list over the last
year on the topic of the Tek 4041 GPIB controller.

Ive got one of these suckers now, plus a number of Tek plugins with GPIB
interfaces, and Im interested in making them all play together.

I havent got a keyboard, and I recall some posts from Joe Rigdon? saying
are very hard to find. In the meantime, Ive figured out the keyboard
electrical interface characteristics and made a rs232-keyboard converter. So
I can talk to it now, and give it little BASIC commands, and see the results
on the LED display

Ive figured out much of the BASIC dialect it speaks, but I cant yet figure
out how to open the printer, serial port or tape for IO, nor have I got the
docs yet. Can anyone shed some light on the exact syntax for the BASIC open
call used by the 4041 and the
get() function for reading GPIB devices?

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