Tektronix 4041 GPIB controller

From: Hans B Pufal <hansp_at_aconit.org>
Date: Mon Oct 22 15:18:18 2001

Mike McCauley wrote:

> Ive figured out much of the BASIC dialect it speaks, but I cant yet figure
> out how to open the printer, serial port or tape for IO, nor have I got the
> docs yet. Can anyone shed some light on the exact syntax for the BASIC open
> call used by the 4041 and the
> get() function for reading GPIB devices?

Since no-one has answered yet and I fetched tre 4051 manulas form our
library I think I can provide some information. Please shut me up if
this information is not for your system!

For tapes, use TLIST to list the files on the tape.

WBYTE [ _at_ address [, address] ... : ] [ data ] [, data] ...
    Is used to send 8 bit bytes tot a GPIB device.

RBYTE targe_variable [, target variable] ...
    to read from GPIB

If ithis is all appropriate and you find no other docs I can scan ours
and put them on the web.


   -- HBP
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