SPAM Avoidance Re: List Maintenance

From: Alexander Schreiber <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 03:38:14 2001

On Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 08:41:10PM -0700, Chuck McManis wrote:
> >If I were writing an e-mail harvester, I'm sure
> >I'd have quite an extensive subroutine that looked
> >for known patterns of spam-avoidance, and how to
> >undo them.
> Actually the best spam avoidance technique I've found is as follows:
> if you can create email addresses for
> a domain then
> set your email address to be ''
> and make sure you're domain name isn't used
> as a spam harbor (open relay mailer, etc)

Please don't do that - trying to escape SPAM is not an excuse to
violate well established standards. Please have a look at RFC 2142.

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