Univac I Graphic Simulator Aid

From: Sergio Pedraja Cabo <CAA007216_at_mail.ono.es>
Date: Wed Oct 24 04:45:50 2001


I just begin the development of the Univac I simulator. By the moment
I am doing one simple prototype of the CPU with all the Instruction Set
and the Registers, plus ten simulated Uniservos in form of ten plain
ascii files. I don't try to reproduce by the moment the timings or
the exact cycle of the data and/or instructions along the system.

In a later issue I have the intention to convert the simulator in
one Bob Supnik's Simh compatible.

And, finally, I shall try to develop one GUI for the Sim, and here
is where I need some kind of help. All the photographs I have are
in black and white, and I need some help about the real color of the
Univac I components. I am working actually with the Supervisory
Control (the Huge Console of the Univac I) and I need to know if
somebody knows its exact colors: that is, of the Metallic components,
and the light and blinking colors too.

All help should be agreed.

Thanks and Best Regards

Sergio Pedraja
Received on Wed Oct 24 2001 - 04:45:50 BST

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