ISA cards for free...

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 07:00:27 2001

>Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 09:13:58 -0700
>From: Geoff Reed <>
>Subject: Re: ISA cards for free...

>At 09:21 AM 10/23/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>Cleanout time again... I have the following ISA cards available for cost
>>postage only. These cards were part of a lot I picked up just for the two
>>Compaticard II cards that were in the pile :-).
>You lucky bastige :)

Yup, but it's the law of affinity. I bought a nice Compaticard IV (thanks
Don!), but have yet to get it working with my 8" drives (no tech problems,
just too busy). Then I found a Compaticard II on eBay for a decent price,
then I found these two in another lot from eBay. One of them is odd in the
sense that it has a D-connector out the back (37 pin, I think), but no
internal 34-pin header for a floppy cable. It doesn't look modified, so I
think it came from the factory that way.... Weird.

Also, EVERYONE wants the SCSI cards, so I'll be putting names in a hat...
I'll wait a day and then draw straws :-)

Rich B.
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