ISA cards for free...

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 10:24:33 2001

regarding the SCSI cards ... You know why they're still in demand, doncha? They
just don't go out of fashion! MFM, RLL, ESDI, SMD ... they've all gone the way
of the passenger pigeon, but SCSI has hung on. I have an old 1986 NCR 8-bit ISA
card that still serves just fine. They just keep on going, and going, and going


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> >>Hello all,
> >>
> >>Cleanout time again... I have the following ISA cards available for cost
> of
> >>postage only. These cards were part of a lot I picked up just for the two
> >>Compaticard II cards that were in the pile :-).
> >
> >You lucky bastige :)
> Yup, but it's the law of affinity. I bought a nice Compaticard IV (thanks
> Don!), but have yet to get it working with my 8" drives (no tech problems,
> just too busy). Then I found a Compaticard II on eBay for a decent price,
> then I found these two in another lot from eBay. One of them is odd in the
> sense that it has a D-connector out the back (37 pin, I think), but no
> internal 34-pin header for a floppy cable. It doesn't look modified, so I
> think it came from the factory that way.... Weird.
> Also, EVERYONE wants the SCSI cards, so I'll be putting names in a hat...
> I'll wait a day and then draw straws :-)
> Rich B.
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