Reading non-PC format floppies

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 10:59:27 2001

Tony, with characteristic modesty, said:
>I've written programs, sure, but I don't think they're particularly
>well-written or elegant programs. They just do the job I need to do.

MICROS~ has what they call "programmers" and they don't get that far.
Do I have to win the Indy 500 before I get to be called a "driver", or is
it enough if I just make it to the grocery store and back? I'd go ahead and
claim credit, were I you. You might say "...not a professional programmer"
or "...don't have a formal degree in programming" or even "...not a serious
programmer". But if you're able to read kernel sources in order to learn
how to successfully use FDRAWCMD, I'd call you a programmer.

I humbly suggest that more exact forms of expression, at least in
international public forums, might avert misunderstandings.
                                                - Mark
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