first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 11:37:22 2001

Phil, I did convert to 220 single. I made my own reference along
the way. Here goes:


Phil Schilling wrote:
> Gunther,
> Slightly off your topic, but did you convert the power to 220 single phase
> on your 6000? If so exactly which reference did you follow. I need to set
> up both my 6000 and the drive array for single phase so I can get them fired
> up. Thanks
> Phil Schilling
> GCS Tech
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> Hi,
> after my pretty good VAX treck last weekend (more details coming
> up on my project web site at a later time) I finally have SDI disks.
> I hooked one up last night and did all the checking as per the
> RA9x manual (yes I have one plus many more, will scan those at
> some time...) and it seems to be O.K. (even though it was pretty
> messed up stored in a barn among lots of birds for many years).
> Here is one para about where I am at and then I have some
> specific questions for Geoff Roberts or Ragge or anyone who
> has had experienced any luck with getting a 6000 up to operation.
> I have bootable tape for Ultrix 4.1 and VMS 5.3 both TK50. None
> of them work. I seem to have no luck with the TK70 and I have
> no way finding out what's wrong. I tried to boot from that RA90
> disk, even though I don't know what's on it. It has unit #0, so
> I thought it might be a system disk. But that too failed with
> some I/O error very early in the process. I also have a TU81+ and
> VMS bootable tape on 9-track, maybe that's more reliable? Tonight's
> project is to move the TU81+ into the basement and hook it up.
> I'm afraid I'll get stuck there too and what then? Network
> booting?
> Here's some more detail and questions:
> The TK50 boot proceeds for quite a while, although it never shows
> any message on the console about where it is at before it halts
> due to some unspecified error. However, about one or two minutes
> into the tape running the system-panel's FAULT light comes on and
> at the same time both yellow and green LEDs on the TKB70 board
> extinguish. That's for about a second or two. Then the lights
> go back to normal and the fault light turned off. Another 30
> seconds to a minute tape streaming and the same light-spiel happens
> again: fault on, TKB70 LEDs off, and back to normal. Now a shorter
> time (like 10 seconds) of tape streaming and again. From now on that
> repeats for about 4 or 5 more cycles and finally the system is
> halted and console says: system halted due to previous error.
> However, no error message is being printed. I have no idea where
> I am in the process.
> I have tried cleaning the TK70 read/write head of course. I have
> tried a different copy of that Ultrix tape. It's always the same.
> Is this bliking of fault and shutting off of both TBK70 LEDs
> normal for media read errors or does it indicate something more
> serious? How can I tell where in the process I am? Is there an
> error flag somewhere in memory that I could EXAMINE to find out
> what is wrong?
> BTW: at first I had my CIBCA cards in and the boot process would
> halt earlier: system would say "insufficient memory for CI" and
> "10% or more of the memory is bad". Who is checking memory there?
> I could not find anything in Ultrix 4.2 sources that would generate
> such a message. And why would it anyway, because my system check
> tells me that I have 512 MB of memory OK. Or does it speak of
> 10% of the CIBCA's internal memory?
> Is there a boot flag that I could turn on that would cause the
> loader etc. to be more verbose?
> Has anyone tried booting Ultrix over the network? I am going to
> try that but all I have is Ultrix on TK50 (that doesn't work)
> and sources without any VAX running to compile them on. Is there
> a cross compiler suite? I'd like to compile with the DEBUG
> flag set.
> Thanks for your suggestions,
> -Gunther
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