value of classic DEC machines?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 03:14:43 2001

>Luckily, some manner of salvation is on its way in the form of a price
>guide. No, I'm not writing it, but the person who is will make it known
>very soon.

Maybe it will make some money for the author, but prices are just too
variable and too fast changing for a printed guide to be of much practical
use. What I would rather see is a hunters handbook, say 125 pages with the
top 500 things to look for, each item getting an average of a 1/4 page for
a photo, or maybe a shared photo, with a description and price range. Sell
one to every scrapper in the world, and those 500 things become a LOT more

working title, "How much money did you throw away today?"
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