ISA cards for free..

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 07:19:08 2001

Hello all,

There was more demand for some of these than I would have guessed....
Thanks, however, to Sellam's Apple II Random Number Generator (heh --
couldn't resist), the "winners" have been chosen.

Unfortunately, I left the list at home, so I'll notify people later today,
when I go home for lunch.

Still no takers on the Async cards (Tony is correct about the two jumper
blocks), and still plenty of floppy controllers.

Also, Tony was spot on about the Everex card. The 6116 is in a socket that
can also accommodate a larger chip. I'd go with his guess that this is some
sort of QIC controller/formatter... It's still up for grabs....

Rich B.

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to obtain a little temporary safety deserve
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