Altos 586

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 15:07:01 2001

Richard Erlacher stated as follows:
> Joseph Kaye sprach thusly:
> > I got an Altos 586 from a friend a while ago, with an external 2400 baud
> > modem and a Wyse (50?) terminal. There were no Unix install disks
> > included. I am looking to reinstall the OS, does anyone know where I
> > could get a copy of the Xenix that it uses?
> Are you sure it uses XENIX? I gave one of these to Will Jennings, along
> the companion tape drive, a couple of years back. Perhaps he can help you.

There were Altos' that ran MP/M-II, and others than ran XENIX... ISTR
that the 586 was the squarish-box that ran MP/M-II, while the other
model that had a hi-techish, Datageneralish look to it ran XENIX.
We had both...

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