MacOS DHCP Server?

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 14:57:58 2001

>Speaking of LocalTalk, does anyone have TOPS software for PCs?

I have two copies of it (TOPS for DOS v2.1). Unfortuantly, both are in
use (they go with my two LocalTalk cards), so I am not willing to get rid
of them. However, I don't know your (or the general list) stance on
abandonware, and if TOPS qualifies. If it does, and I won't get chastised
on this list for doing so, I would have no problems duplicating the
install disks, and running off a copy of the manual for you. Of course, I
can't sell it to you (outside of postage and material costs) because that
would be piracy no matter HOW you slice it (selling for profit a copy of
software while retaining the original, even if abandonware, is just not
right in my book).

I do know that TOPS is serialized, and checks itself on the network. You
need a different code for each copy. I don't think the software itself is
serialized, so you can install from the same disks, you just need to
register it with different codes or duplicates will disable each other.


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