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> There were Altos' that ran MP/M-II, and others than ran XENIX... ISTR
> that the 586 was the squarish-box that ran MP/M-II, while the other
> model that had a hi-techish, Datageneralish look to it ran XENIX.
> We had both...

The Z-80 Altos was the 580. This was the same squashed hexagon design used in
the 586, 786 etc. Since it was a multiterminal machine each terminal had it's
own Z-80 IIRC. These ran CPM and MPM.

The 586s were an 8086 16 bit designs. Most of the ones I saw ran Xenix.
however I had a couple that ran MPM-II based on a version of Digital Research
DOS-86, I can't remember what it was called.

Most 586s were of the squashed Hex design that I think Doug is calling DGish.
I do seem to remember the first 586s were shipped in a square box, a la the
8XXX series. Of course my memory could be off, it has been a long time and I
never saw one of those.

Astoria, OR
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