first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 17:53:07 2001

This is easy...

LAV-11 with DMF32 cab kit. The latter is needed for the correct
I did this the first time in 1984 after being told you cant connect a
(Dataproducts I/F) to an 11/23... The bet was $1, I won. I still have
LAV-11 and the 11/23.


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>> I'm not Antonio or Allison, but I can answer this question. The "Data
>> parallel port works with printers with a "Data Products" parallel
interface. I've
>> used a couple of different printers with this interface. It's been a
while so I
>> can't remember the official name of the interface. The printers I
used were made
>> by Data Products and OEMed to other manufacturers (including DEC).
>IIRC, the Data Products interface is pretty similar to Centronics. I am
>working from a dim memory here, but it's something like either the
>or busy/ready, or both need to be inverted to link a Centronics printer
>to a Data Products host interface. You'll have to get the pinouts and
>match up signals, of course, but generally it can be got to work with
>only a couple of inverters.
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