Altos 586

From: jkaye <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 18:13:33 2001 wrote:
> I have had several Altos 586s Some ran MPM and some ran a very early
> version of Xenix.
> Does your machine boot? Have a hard drive? It has been a long time but
> I really liked the Altos machines.
> Paxton
> Astoria, OR

Yep, she still works I believe (it's been a few years ~7), but I didn't
really use it that much as I didn't really know much unix. I would love
to get it up and running with a fresh install, and get the ethernet
board for it. Anyone seen one of those laying around?

Joseph Kaye
Received on Thu Oct 25 2001 - 18:13:33 BST

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