IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 18:14:29 2001

On Oct 25, 10:30, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> --- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> > On several occasions I asked for 'An ST506 interface hard disk of about
> > 50Mbytes' and had to explain what I meant...
> Yes, but how many heads did it have? Was it an ST506-interface drive
> or an ST412-interface drive? It's being pedantic, but there is a
> single-line difference. One could imagine a controller that could
> handle a real ST-506 but not a real ST-412 drive. AFAIK, by the time
> PCs supported the ST-225, it was a moot point, but pre-PeeCee controllers
> might not be happy.

Or the other way around; IIRC most ST-412 style drives would accept slow
step pulses. I have an ST-506 style drive that won't work on almost any
controller I have because it can't keep up with fast step pulses that an
ST-412 would buffer.

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