MacOS DHCP Server?

From: Kent Borg <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 08:05:53 2001

On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 12:14:00AM -0700, Mike Ford wrote:
> Abandoneware is one thing [...]

> Wants some fun, buy an EXPENSIVE sealed retail box new old stock product,
> then without opening the envelope with the discs, send a letter to the
> company informing them that you are NOT willing to comply with the terms of
> their license agreement and want a refund of the retail price of the
> package.

Interesting idea.

If I buy a book I own that copy, not the right to copy it, not a
"license" forming an agreement between me and some other party, but I
own the book itself. Familiar stuff.

Proprietary software, which always seems to be "licensed" and never
sold, might put an extra burden on the copyright holder: to actually
exist at the other end of the license.

If they aren't there to accept, say, a purchaser's inability to abide
by their license, does that constitute their breaking the license and
thereby release the buyer from the license terms too? Might that be a
way to forfeit copyrights?

A book owner might also have a hard time tracking down the current
holder of a copyright, but as there isn't a "license" relationship
between them, what need is there?

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