MacOS DHCP Server?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 02:14:00 2001

>I do know that TOPS is serialized, and checks itself on the network. You
>need a different code for each copy. I don't think the software itself is
>serialized, so you can install from the same disks, you just need to
>register it with different codes or duplicates will disable each other.

Chris, when you are making these illegal bootlegs do you mind sending me a
copy of disc image files? Anything up to about 20 MB is fine as just a
email attachment.

Sounds like you actually have the software running, whats it like, what are
you doing with it?

Abandoneware is one thing, but this is "throw your customers off a
cliffware". Ultimately Sun owns the rights to the TOPS network protocol, at
least I think, but Symantec and Farallon pretend this era of product which
came with LIFETIME support etc. never existed. I chased after them a few
months ago after I bought a batch of NEW full retail box product that had
never been registered, and only email response I could get was that they
didn't support that product anymore.

Wants some fun, buy an EXPENSIVE sealed retail box new old stock product,
then without opening the envelope with the discs, send a letter to the
company informing them that you are NOT willing to comply with the terms of
their license agreement and want a refund of the retail price of the
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