From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Fri Oct 26 16:36:06 2001

Chad Fernandez skrev:

>I would consider VLB to be classic, or at least "legacy". I guess it
>depends on the definition. I don't think any VLB cards have been
>shipped for quite some time. They were mainly a 486 class bus. Did any
>Pentium or 386 class motherboards come with VLB slots?

I think I've got a Pentium VLB mobo laying about in the public spaces here...
While I haven't seen any 386 VLB boards, I've got an AST 386 where the CPU
(AMD surface-mount clone) is fit on a daughter card which plugs into a VLB
slot, though it's far away from the ISA slots.
After all, if there is a lot of VLB capacity, why not use a readily-available
electrical interface instead of inventing one of your own?

Another odd PC mobo I've got is a 486 board with ISA, possible VLB as well,
and a DX-50 Overdrive processor. Well, that's not so strange, but in the
middle of the board, there is a DIN connector, like a VME or Nubus connector.
What could that be?

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