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Date: Fri Oct 26 16:38:52 2001

MY vaxstation 4000/60 has 40mb ram, but I've heard that VMS will run on a
paper plate as far as ram goes. It will just swap like hell.

Another option you might consider is NetBSD. I've installed it on my vax
alongside vms072b and it works very well. The only downside is that it
doesn't support my framebuffer and may never support it due to a lack of
programming information. Maybe someone in the list has docs for the
4000/60's color framebuffer?

One really cool thing about NetBSD is it is easy to install via FTP using
a teensy little boot image. You can make a tape of this image and then
boot that to install if you don't have a floppy and have no way of
mounting your vax's hard disk on a PC to transfer the image.



BTW, I had to make a cable to connect a serial console to the vax. A
standard modular telephone connector works well if you break off the
locking tab and shave the end a bit. It won't lock into the jack, but
friction seems to keep it in and if there was a real problem, a peice of
tape would secure it.

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>On Fri, 26 Oct 2001 wrote:
>> Now all you need do is go to, join the DECUS
>> user's group and get your OpenVMS cdrom. It contains things like TCP/IP
>> and quite a few 'layered' products such as Basic, Fortran, Cobol,
>> etcetera.

>That, I want! :-) Of course, I don't have a huge amount of memory in the
>VAX, so perhaps I'd be better off just staying with what I have.

>While I've joined DECUS, I've not ordered the OpenVMS CD-ROM yet since I
>have no way of reading the CD-ROM since I don't have a SCSI card in my
>VAX; I'm going to have to find a VAXstation to use for reading a CD-ROM
>and then figure out how to get the files from the VAXstation to the VAX
>(can I do this over DECnet?). Also, I should get a tape drive installed
>as well for backups, as this VAX is missing both a tape drive and the
>mounting hardware for the tape drive... the drive itself is no problem,
>as I have one of those; just need to find the TKQ50 and the mounting

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