MacOS DHCP Server?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 17:12:28 2001

>I think I have an unopened copy of Windows For Workgroups.... That must
>have been pricey in its day... I wonder if MS will give me my money
>back... oh wait, no they won't, at least not if their refusal to the
>Linux community is any indication. Humm... does that then relieve me of
>the agreement, if I refused to accept it, and notified them, and they
>refuse to take it back and refund me... shouldn't I be legally allowed to
>do with it as I please, including use the disks as drink coasters? (You
>thought I would say duplicate it and give it away, but I can't in good
>concious subject others to Windows anything!)

Duplication of Microsoft software, Piracy or an act of Terrorism?
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