FS: Emulex P800, Gatorstar GXR, LanBridge

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Fri Oct 26 18:01:40 2001

On October 26, Chuck McManis wrote:
> I've also got an Emulex P800 which looks like a MAU but it could be a
> terminal server. Its pretty cool is says "Performance 8000", has dual
> Ethernet connections on the back (AUI), dual power supplies, and what looks
> like 12 DB25 ports (I can't imagine a fault tolerant terminal server, but
> there you go. Free to a home somewhere.

  The Emulex "Performance 4000", at least, is indeed a terminal server.

> Finally I've got a couple DEC LanBridges (100 and a 150), they look like
> straight bridges but they just have two AUI connectors. Perhaps they do
> filtering or something?

  The LANbridge 100 and 150 do MAC-level bridging. I'm told they
support spanning tree. I've used many of them to segregate networks;
they've always served me well.


Dave McGuire
Laurel, MD
Received on Fri Oct 26 2001 - 18:01:40 BST

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