Um, SOL50 fell in my lap

From: One Without Reason <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 19:38:56 2001

Actually, what he has is a SOL-20. He won't believe me until I show him,
though. 8-)

Peace... Sridhar

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Bob Stek wrote:

> I'm still a little confused. Processor Technology Corp. (not Processor
> Technologies - couldn't find a reference for them on the web) best known
> machine was the Sol-20 - 8080 based in a blue metal cabinet, keyboard
> built in, with walnut wood sides. They supposedly made a small number
> of Sol-10's, and were planning on both an S-100 color board and a
> revised Sol - a Sol-II? Not sure of the name. Could what you have be a
> prototype? Their Helios drives were also packaged in a blue case and
> the drives were mounted vertically. I have owned Morrow assembled
> Discus 8" floppies, their first 5.25" hard drives (5, 10, 15 and 20 MB
> IIRC), and have worked on a 14" Morrow hard drive. I don't recall a 10"
> wide 7.50 MB drive. I do recall and had owned a 15 MB 5.25" drive from
> Morrow - I suppose if it had a bad platter it could have been sold as a
> 7.5 MB drive. IIRC, their drives just had the standard Shugart or
> Seagate black face plate and activity LED sticking out of a non-descript
> chassis with power supply, and had ribbon cables to attach to the S-100
> controller card.
> Are we any closer to identifying this machine?
> Bob Stek
> Saver of Lost Sols
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