How to disassemble an HSC90?

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 22:11:16 2001


has anyone of you ever disassembled an HSC cabinet? I am looking
pretty stupid right now. It's not the first piece of DEC iron
equipment that I have moved in pieces, I did two VAX6000 and one
TU81+. But this one is different. While being half-height like the
TU81, it's quite a bit deeper. The side-walls appear to be just
locked at the bottom and then hooked such that one can lift it
up and off, like the TU81's side walls. However, they do not move
no matter how hard I try. I don't find any screws holding them,
though. And with the sidewalls on, I cannot remove the top-cover

So, I was hoping I could at least take it into two pieces by
moving the whole core out in one piece. Apparently that central
unit is just screwed on the front, like a rack-mount device.
Indeed I can move it out quite far. But then it stops at a
protruding piece of the backplane circuit board! There seems
to be no way to move that core all the way out other than by
removing the backplane circuite board. And I'm not going to do

Other DEC equipment was quite straight forward to disassemble,
but this one beats the auto-assembies in difficulty level.
I appreciate every advice. My suspicion is that the sidewalls
are indeed removable, but mine are just stuck. Someone seen


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