Falling off the internet

From: Clint Wolff <vaxman_at_qwest.net>
Date: Sat Oct 27 08:44:07 2001

Qwest will still provide the DSL connection to another ISP, but it costs
more for the same service I am getting now... The main reason for
cancelling my Qwest DSL is to say 'screw you and microsoft too'... The
secondary reason is to get a static IP without paying excessive fees
for a block of 8...

Earthlink & Covad offer a static IP DSL service using PPPoet that I
should be able to make work under FreeBSD. 1.5MB down, 256? up, full
time connection, static IP, $64.95 a month. Seems like a smoking
deal to me... And QWest doesn't get a dime... And everyone I've
talked to about earthlink is reasonablly happy...


On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> Don't you have any choice about this? Does it mean that your DSL connection is
> no longer supported by Qwest? Since they are the only phone company, aren't
> they obliged to provide you with that service? In shameless self-interest, I'd
> recommend you consider id communications www.idcomm.com (303 790-4343) as an ISP
> rather than going with MSN. My sources tell me that MSN offers the worst
> service available in our geographic area, second only to AOL, and that Qwest is
> only a teensy bit better. Moreover, id offers full service, while AOL, MSN, and
> Qwest leave some services out or charge extra.
> It's about provisioning, doncha know!
> Tell 'e I sent you. They'll charge you extra, of course, but tell 'em anyway.
> Dick
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> > I just received notification from Qwest that I am being moved to
> > MSN, so I will be falling off the internet for a while until I
> > get a new DSL provider hooked up.
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> > If there is desire to reach me, my work email is:
> >
> > clintw_at_colorado.cirrus.com
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> > Y'all be good, and play nice together :)
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> > Clint
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