Falling off the internet

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Oct 26 15:44:22 2001

Don't you have any choice about this? Does it mean that your DSL connection is
no longer supported by Qwest? Since they are the only phone company, aren't
they obliged to provide you with that service? In shameless self-interest, I'd
recommend you consider id communications www.idcomm.com (303 790-4343) as an ISP
rather than going with MSN. My sources tell me that MSN offers the worst
service available in our geographic area, second only to AOL, and that Qwest is
only a teensy bit better. Moreover, id offers full service, while AOL, MSN, and
Qwest leave some services out or charge extra.

It's about provisioning, doncha know!

Tell 'e I sent you. They'll charge you extra, of course, but tell 'em anyway.


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Subject: Falling off the internet

> I just received notification from Qwest that I am being moved to
> MSN, so I will be falling off the internet for a while until I
> get a new DSL provider hooked up.
> If there is desire to reach me, my work email is:
> clintw_at_colorado.cirrus.com
> Y'all be good, and play nice together :)
> Clint
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