From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Sat Oct 27 18:17:17 2001

jpero skrev:

>The bizarre motherboard I can think of using 386sx style CPU based on
>IBM 486SLC2 50 w/ 2 VLB slots and 64K cache room for extra 64K for
>128K total. It does work but performance stank due to 32 bits vlb
>crimped down to 16 then back up 32 and vice vesa. A vendor made them
>for IBM and IBM used them in their "early clones" machine. Took me
>long time to find the jumper info. Ugh.

I've got an IBM-made OEM machine (mine is branded by Lap Power) with a big
daughter-board with seven or so ISA slots and three VLB slots. The mobo
features a Blue Lightning processor and parity RAM. That's really the only
reason I still keep it around (space constraints...). I used to have two,
since I had rescued the chassis from one off the street without knowing that
it was, then failing to find the processor =). It only served as a stool for a
while, though, and was recently rationalised into the garbage.

I wonder if I should set it up this evening just to see how it performs as a
NetBSD machine.

Oh, it had an all-plastic DLC-33 FPU from IIT, too.

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