email/browser for DOS or C64/128?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 20:18:42 2001

Russ Blakeman skrev:

>I know I've seen many things on this in th epast but wasn't paying
>attention. I have some free time now and want to do some tinkering. Are
>there browsers and email agents for the Commodore 64/128 series and DOS
>(2.11 through 6.22). I prefer a free or shareware one to be able to test it
>to see if it's a POS or not. I want to use the DOS version on a few
>platforms from an 8086/8088 to a 386. I have a 286 portable NEC that I'd
>like to try it out on first.

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<hrm> Hopefully some programms which won't let you send HTML.

As for MS-DOS and derivatives (I suppose that's the DOS you'd run), do a
search for WATTCP. That's the stack I use on my DOS box (PS/2 model 70, to be
replaced by a mod. 70 486). There's supposed to be a big WATTCP page in
I seem to forget what the name of that OLR (off-line reader =) for C64/128 is
called, but it seemed awfully capable. I also seem to forget whether it is
developed by Cameron Kaiser. There are at least two browsers, too. Or three. I
think Cameron is developing one, then there's one for SuperCPU users, and one
developed by Fairlight. At least one goes by the name Wave.

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