email/browser for DOS or C64/128?

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 00:24:30 2001

> I seem to forget what the name of that OLR (off-line reader =) for C64/128 is
> called, but it seemed awfully capable. I also seem to forget whether it is
> developed by Cameron Kaiser. There are at least two browsers, too. Or three. I
> think Cameron is developing one, then there's one for SuperCPU users, and one
> developed by Fairlight. At least one goes by the name Wave.

The Fairlight one is actually just an offline HTML reader. It does a good
job, though.

HyperLink 2.5 is the one I wrote. It requires a shell dialup with Perl, and
strongly prefers an ACIA cartridge. It speaks a custom protocol to the
server, which acts as a proxy for the C64. The proxy can also translate
gopherspace sites as a general purpose Internet proxy; has support for
images, so you can view .gif, .tif and .jpg files with appropriate server
support; and there is rudimentary support for forms as well. The advantage of
this is that a naked C64 with no upgrades can still run this (albeit slowly),
but the dialup requirement may be too onerous. You can use a null modem
connection to your Unix server, though, if you like. See

The Wave is a true PPP implementation. Its web browser is simple but does
a nice job on text rendering (it does not yet support images or forms). It
also has Telnet support, and since it is a true TCP/IP implementation other
protocols are possible. The downside is that it has sizeable software and
hardware requirements (a SuperCPU-equipped C64/128 with at least 1MB
SuperRAM and an ACIA cartridge, plus Wheels, a GEOS upgrade). See

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